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How did I get into the “hair business”, and why?

This is possibly the most common question I get from clients.  While I DID have a tendency to take shears to my Barbie dolls’ hair as a child, I had little desire to cut human hair, even if that human happened to be me (with the exception of trimming my bangs once-something that turned out to be far more difficult than I had predicted...I think I threw away the pictures to prove it).  The one thing I distinctly remember is always looking forward to my hair appointments.  It didn’t hurt that my sister and I were fortunate enough to have a mom who always styled our hair and brought us to a professional salon for upkeep.


The teen years...

Once we got into high school, I anticipated proms and homecomings due in part to the hair styling-different every time mind you-and it wasn’t long before the opportunity to test myself was born.  Junior prom, my sister came home from the salon with an up-do she hated and I decided that it was time to put my creativity to the test. After a night of compliments on my intervention of, what could have been, a hair catastrophe, it was fair to assume I passed the test, and it was then that I deduced that I could possibly have a natural talent for doing hair.  (Our friends must have concluded the same thing, because this initiated a pattern amongst our friends for all future events, thus enabling my chronic lateness; my own hair and makeup would be completed on my way out the door.)

It was one afternoon in my senior year of high school when I questioned my hairstylist about her career.  She had been doing my hair since middle school and I recognized in her a genuine drive and appreciation for her craft.  Her response did not disappoint me:  She loved coming to work every day because she was constantly met with new challenges that kept her creatively stimulated.  She was never bored and her artistic and comprehension skills were in constant use.  I believe this was the moment I decided what my career would be.  So, with the full support of my family and friends, I enrolled in Cosmetology school and began training that very summer upon graduation.


Professional career...

I began my professional career at the age of 19 and I love it now more than ever.  Since that time I have been given the opportunity to obtain specific training by acclaimed artists such as Sam Villa, Chris Baran, and Nick Arrojo (my ultimate favorite.)  I have attended various types of cut and color classes through companies like Wella and Reken and I continue to seize every opportunity to continue my education in different areas.  Ongoing education is important to me because it is how I stay on the cutting edge, (pun intended).  I apply a very high standard for myself and I truly take pride in what I do.  My goal is to make all clients 100% happy with their results and I implement the highest standards to do so.  If you’re reading this and you are in dire need of a hair intervention or just a fresh new set of eyes, know that you will be in good hands with me.  I look forward to hearing about your goals and personal style!  The sky is the limit.


"Sarah has been doing my hair for over five years and I can't imagine going anywhere else. She is phenomenal with color and is always thinking of new and exciting things to do. She has also turned me on to extensions and I am in love with the thickness and length! She makes them look very natural and when I tell people that I have extensions, they are shocked. Sarah keeps my hair at it's best and that makes me feel beautiful! I am so thankful for her."

- Brooke

"Coming from a cosmetologist myself, Sarah is the most talented Hairdresser in SW FL! I have never had someone do my hair the way I like. She truly listens to me! I honestly love her style and enjoy being able to connect with her!"

- Danielle

"Thanks to Sarah, I am a hair color and cut snob. I have had a whole range of color over the years and she has not only executed all shades exceptionally well, she has kept my hair healthy and vibrant. I especially love the razor technique she uses to add "pieciness" into my cut without it ever appearing to be blunt. Never have I experienced a more tuned in and caring stylist."

- Jessie



This is a base price list; services portrayed are customized to each individual guest and may vary based on the specific need of the guest.

Olaplex -


*Olaplex is a product that is added into your color or lightener. This revolutionary product is completely absent of silicone and oils, and its purpose is to link together the broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services: thus them stronger than they were previously. Olaplex is truly a miracle product for hairdressers all over the country-it has enabled us to push the envelope in ways never seen before! Feel free to ask me for more details.

Color Retouch -


* Root touch up

Color Balancing - Starting at


* Normally done in addition to color retouch-scalp to ends.
* Color balancing can be necessary in a few different occasions; most commonly it is required to correct color fading due to sun exposure, hard water, not using proper color-safe products, etc.

Glaze -


* A glaze is applied to the mid-shaft and ends when the color is changed, or to hair that is dull; that needs a permanent or demi-permanent color to brighten it or add shine. A glaze can also be used after highlights to correct unwanted pigments or add desired pigment to the existing color.

Double - Process Color -

$ Custom Quote

* Color retouch plus high/low-lights.
* When a double-process color is required, pricing will depend on what exactly needs to be done. In the event of a partial foil: I take $10 off total color price. Package price for full foil, I take $15 off the foil cost. (The foil cost is in addition to a root touch up). If minimal highlighting is needed, I charge per foil.

Partial Foil - Starting at


* Typically includes the sides/top and through the crown of the head.

Full Foil - Starting at


* Full head of foils: front/sides to the neckline.

Mini Foil - Starting at


Extra Color -


* Extra color is typically needed when hair is long and/or thick, or various colors are required for the service.

Fashion Color -


* When one or a few fashion color streaks are added to the hair, (which often requires lifting with highlights then applying the desired tone) that's when this service is applied.

Per Foil -


All-over Bleach - Starting at


Keratin Treatment - Starting at


* This is based on 2 ounces of product. The cost will go up an additional $25 per half ounce.

Women's Haircut and Design -


Men's Haircut -


Men's Color Blending -


Men's Highlights -


Kid's cut -


Women's blow-out -


Short hair blow-out -


Special Occasion Hair -


* Wedding: On-Location (includes travel)



Bride Trial Run:


Bridesmaids/Family Members:


* 4 or more: $85 each (not including bride)

Special Occasion Makeup -


* I also do weddings and events on location. For on-location services I charge $25.00 an hour, plus the cost of the services.

Hotheads Hair Extensions -

$ Custom Quote

Price is determined at the time of consultation. It is based on length and the amount of hair needed. Hotheads extensions are my product of choice because they are 100% damage-free and beautiful....and, not to mention, far quicker than the average extension appointment. The colors can be customized to each individual; with this product, anything is possible. For more details check of their website at


I am not a product-pusher, nor am I a one-line stylist. I am the girl with 15-20 various haircare products in her bathroom, and at least 2 different brands of shampoo and conditioner in her shower at this very moment. (Let's not forget conditioning treatments). Needless to say, it has taken me a little while to find a product line that inspires me enough to commit to, but it was worth the wait.  It is only with ample research and careful consideration that I have arrived at the commitment to one product line represented in my studio, (with the exception of some fan favorites I just can't live without).

So without further ado, I am pleased to introduce the Arrojo product line.

After  years of watching celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo demonstrate hair cutting techniques on the Orlando Premier show floor, I decided to purchase his custom straight razor and a few products to test in June of 2013. Nick's cutting methods and artistic style have inspired me throughout my career, and I was not surprised to find that his product line lived up to his standard.

There are many reasons why I selected this particular line but what impresses me most is the attention and detail that has gone into each specific product and formula. Everything that goes on the shelf is first developed and tested on the Arrojo salon floor by his team and then refined for professional carriers. Even the packaging reflects his unique and modern image.

I invite you to step foot in my studio for a custom blow dry service and you will experience what makes this line truly unique!


Stay tuned, seasonal specials & coupons coming soon...!!!


Commonly Asked Questions | Interesting Articles | Helpful Tips & Tricks

Do you have a question or maybe a suggestion? Send me a text at (239) 322-2390.

question1 QUESTION:
Is it ok to purchase my products from places like Target or Walmart if I don't get them from you?

answer1 ANSWER:
No, and I'll tell you why. Product sold outside of salons and designated product stores like Ulta or Sephora are not actually allowed to buy and distribute professional product brands. In fact, if you read the back of the product bottles or go on their websites there will be disclaimer of some sort saying this very thing. For example; Redken says "exclusive salon distribution". This ensures that the products arrive straight from the manufacturer and undergo the proper packaging, maintain the appropriate shelf life, and stay sealed until purchased.  Products sold outside of the appropriate distributor are considered 'diverted'. Diverted products have been found to have exceeded expiration dates, blended and diluted content, or different content altogether-not to mention they are often a little higher priced in the supermarkets and drugstores, if not the same cost. Don't spend your money on something that isn't guaranteed.

question2 QUESTION:
What kind of style can you give me that I can just air dry and go without product or heat?

answer2 ANSWER:
Honestly, I can cut your hair in a way that is easy to work with but there should be no such thing as 'get out of the shower and go', and especially without product.  And especially not here; Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in Florida understands what humidity is. Professional Haircare lines have chemists dedicated to the creating and testing of their products. Why not use them? Even if you have genetically ideal hair, it still looks and styles better with product than without. Just saying...


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